SEO Isn’t Magic – It’s Hard Work!

seo isn't magic, it's hard workI’m an in-house SEO at a large organization; often times I’m asked to “SEO a page” after it’s been designed and published.  Now, at first glance, you may not see anything wrong with that statement, but to me it shakes me at my core!

Why you ask?  Well, because good SEO is an ingrained activity that touches so many different aspects of a business – everything from Customer Service, Marketing, & Design to Writing & Social Engagement.  A common misconception from clients and even internal business partners is that SEO’s can do something to a page that all of a sudden makes it appear in Google.  I wish it was that easy!  In reality, SEO is hard work and it’s getting everyone to work together as a team.  At 630 Marketing, we try to make it as easy for business owners, but it still requires a strong partnership with them.  To me, SEO is ultimately a reflection of 5 things (listed below).  By no means is this a complete list (and it’s not ordered) – it’s just the main pillars that I tend to look at:

1. Content.

  • What message are you trying to get across?
  • Are you addressing a need?
  • Is your content well written and focused on the user?
  • Have you done keyword research and are there ways add in target key phrases in a non spammy way?

2. Site Architecture.

  • Is it easy for a user to navigate throughout your site?
  • Can you improve on the overall design?
  • Can a “bot” access the pages, or are there roadblocks?
  • Do your pages load slowly?
  • Do you have duplicate pages on your site? <– you’d be surprised how often this happens.

3. Promotion.

  • How are you currently promoting your site, both online and offline?
  • Are you leveraging your current network (affiliations, organizations, charities, school)?
  • What opportunities can you do to increase exposure (i.e. networking groups)?

4. Social.

  • Are you engaging with your customers through the vast social sphere?
  • Are there opportunities to build up your network?

5. Post Transaction.

  • What are you doing to delight your customers after the sale?
  • Do you customers love you product/service?  If so, what are you doing to capture their delight? How are you marketing it to others?  If they’re not delighted, what can you do better?


Hope this information helps! If you have any questions or thoughts, just let us know.  630 Marketing offers Internet marketing solutions for small businesses at a very affordable price.

2 thoughts on “SEO Isn’t Magic – It’s Hard Work!

  1. donnie cooper says:

    we should be friends. i agree completely. seo should be called “web marketing” so people can grasp and work with the concept better.

    you can’t magic your way to offline leads. neither can you to online leads :-)

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