SEO Tip For Bloggers (rel=author setup)

A little over a year ago, Google released their “authorship program”, which gives authors an opportunity to enhance their Google search results listings by displaying a profile picture next to the result (example below)

You’ve probably seen people’s pictures in Search Results before.  Did it attract you to click on the link? If you’re like me, it does.

So, if you’re a blogger, then why do would you want your profile picture to show up?  Well, your picture = more clicks.  Your profile picture will make you stand out from the crowd while adding credibility to your post.  If you’re interested on how you can have your profile picture show up, just follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a Google Account

  • Or log into your existing one

Step 2. Create a Google Plus profile

  • Or log into your existing one
  • If you don’t have one, Go Here
  • Fill out your information (make sure to add your picture)

Step 3. Connect G+ To Your Blog:

  • Go to your G+ profile
  • Click “edit” (to edit your G+ profile)
  • Click on your About section
  • Scroll down & click on the “contributor” section
  • Add the URL to your Blog.

Step 4. Connect Your Blog To G+:

  • Log into your blog’s CMS (ex. WordPress)
  • Add the following code in the <head> section of the pages you’d like your profile picture to show up for: <link rel=”author” href=”“/>.  The section in Red would be your URL, I just made this one up as an example.

Step 5. Confirm it’s working:

  • Go to the rich snippet tester (here)
  • Type in your URL….does the preview show your profile picture?

Step 6. Wait.

  • It can take a month or 2 for your picture to start showing up.
Hope this information helps! If you have any questions or thoughts, just let us know.  630 Marketing offers Internet marketing solutions for small businesses at a very affordable price.