A Quick Intro To Schema.org

A Quick Intro To Schema.org

Take me to the beginning, what is schema.org?

Schema.org is set of “vocabulary” that Google, Yahoo/Bing have agreed to use as a standard set of micro formatting language. Wait…What!?

In other words, it helps them idenfiy things on your web page, add relational context to it, and help classify it. For example, when Google goes to your site, they may see a phone number. Even though they’re fairly confident it’s a phone number – they’re not 100% sure. If you were to mark up your phone number using schema.org, then you’re speaking their language and they’ll say “hey! This is a phone number to Joe’s Pizza shop”.

Why is schema.org important?

The web is becoming more semantic – meaning that Search Engines are trying to identify properties on a website more easily so that they can provide better results for the user. Google announced earlier this year their “Knowledge Graph” which you may have seen already. To see this in action, search (in Google) for “Pink Floyd”. Notice on the right hand column the collection of information? Try searching for “Things to do in New York”. Notice the carousel of images at the top of the navigation? This “stuff” is a result of the Knowledge Graph

What can I do?

Well, the first thing you can do is markup basic information on your website using Schema.org vocabulary. I’d recommend using the Microdata Generator Tool that 630 Marketing built. There’s tons of information to markup, but the main one’s you can start with are your Name, Address, Phone Number. If you sell prodcuts then I’d reccommend you check out Schema.org/Product. If you have lots of customer or product reviews, then use the vocabulary on Schema.org/Review.  They even have stuff on there for recipe’s! Lastly, I’d recommend you verify that you added it on your site correctly by using Google’s Rich Snippet Tester.

Hope this information helps! If you have any questions, just let us know. 630 Marketing offers internet marketing for small businesses at a very affordable price.

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