About 630 Marketing

Our Goal Is Plain & Simple.

Provide world-class internet marketing services for the small business owner at an affordable price.

We Get It.

You know the web is important to your business, but you’re not quite sure how to use it to your advantage. You also know that things on the web keep changing – like the ever- expanding number of social media outlets – but you have no time to stay abreast of these changes, let alone the time to figure out how to use them to benefit your business or profession.

That is where we come in. We are the internet professionals who DO know how to navigate the web, and we know how to bring customers or clients to your business or practice. We can save you lots of money on internet advertising by keeping our prices low and getting your business listed on the first page of a Google search. We know how to achieve this result because we have the knowledge and experience in providing this exact service to small businesses.

Contact us right now to see how we can increase your business while saving you advertising dollars. We’re confident that our charges will be less than what you are now paying for internet advertising, or what you would pay to get the same results.

Why Choose Us?

You truly will be receiving world class internet marketing services at the lowest possible price. Here’s why:

  • I have virtually no overhead.  The benefits of not having an office or staff is that I can pass along my savings to you.
  • You are receiving expert advice.  I was employed at one of the top online agencies in the US, in which I managed hundreds of internet marketing campaigns for small business owners – with an excellent track record of success.
  • In addition, I’m currently employed at a Fortune 150 company, overseeing all of their SEO.

After speaking with hundreds of small business owners, I’ve observed a few common themes – and tailored my business around them.

  • You’re busy.  We’ll Take Care Of Everything.
  • You Work Hard For Your Money.  We’ll Make Your Money Work Harder.
  • You Want Results.  Marketing Is An Investment (not a bill), It’s Imperative That It Yields A Positive ROI.




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